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Chiropractic Treatment



Orthopaedic Rehabilitation: Mainly for conditions like

•Joint Problems
•Post Knee/Hip replacements
•Post fracture rehabilitation
•Ligaments sprain

It includes

Physiotherapy electrical therapies for pain relief ke  Interferential therapy (ET), Ultrasonic therapy (US).Hear 

 therapy by Short wave diathermy (SWD),

 Electrical Traction therapy, Transcutaneous muscle   stimulation (TNS)

Strengthening exercises

Flexibility exercises 


Paediatric Rehabilitation: Mainly for Conditions like 

• Cerebral Palsy

•Mental Retardation


•CTEV, CDH Spina Bifida etc.

It includes

Muscle strengthening

Neuro Developmental Technique (NDT) Motor Relearning Programme (MRP)

Co-ordination training

Stretching exercise

Balance training

Galt training

Postural training

Cardiac and Respiratory Rehabilitation: Mainly for

•Increased chest secretions

• Any General surgery like appendicectomy

•Before and after Heart surgery


It includes

Postural Drainage & Chest

Physiotherapy Deep Breathing Exercise Lifestyle modifications

Aerobic exercise Planning

Old Age Care: Mainly for old age problems like


•Imbalance and falls . •Incontinence


Neurological Rehabilitation: Mainly for conditions



•Parkinson,s desesase

•Spinal cord disorder

•Nerve pain and palsies

It includes

Muscle strengthening

• Neuro Developmental

Technique (NDT)

Motor RelearningProgramme (MRP)

Co-ordination training

Stretching exercise Balance training

Galt training

Postural training

Vascular Rehabilitation: Mainly for conditions like

•Varicose veins


•Lymphatic disorders .

•Swelling after surgeries

It includes

Muscle strengthening

Stretching exercises

Life style modification

Foot care

Obesity Management

It includes

Aerobic exercise planning

Muscle toning exercise

Diet regulation

Mainly for conditions lick

•Incontinence (lack of control over urination when coughing/laughing)  Osteoporosis (decreased calcium      levels in bones making them prone to fracture)

• Arthritis

• Weight gain

Post Menopausal women's Rehabilitation

It includes

• Pelvic floor exercise for incontinence

Weight bearing exercises and diet modifications for osteoporosis

• Muscle strengthening and flexibility exercises for arthritis

Exercise and diet planning for weight loss

Pre and Post Natal Care

For Physical fitness and postural care of pregnant lady during and after pregnancy

It includes

It includes

• Stretching and toning exercise

Relaxation techniques

  Deep Breathing Exercise

Balance training

Depending upon the condition.


•Education about changes in pregnancy and delivery

• Muscle toning

Fitness management

Pelvic floor strengthening

Diet advice

Breathing in labour

•Ergonomics for baby care

Our State of art equipments include- Heat Therapy

It helps in following ways

• It reduces pain

• It relieves the stiffness of the joints

• It reduces muscle tightness

•It increase the blood flow to the area

Two types are described Superficial heat

Infra Red Rediation (IR Radiation)

Paraffin wax bath: It's a mixture of liquid paraffin 

petroleum and wax, Mostly used for hands and feet.


Deep heat

Short wave diathermy: Electromagnetic waves generate heat by tissue resistance to electric current. It heats the deeper layers that are subcutaneous tissue greater than superficial heating techniques.



Electrical stimulation is used to activate and train a muscle, which has lost its action or in training a muscle which has lost or forgotten its action after an injury/surgery



These are sound waves in greater frequenciesse 1to3MHz Inflammation of Elbow Joint (Tem elbow), Plantar fascitis (Heel pain Shortening of Muscle or Ligament. inflammation of tendons [For  Supraspinatus tendinitis), Ugament sprain (For eg lateral Ligament sprain of ankle), Unhealed scars.


(IFT) uses a mid frequency-current for treatment

its applied by electrodes attached to stimulator


Pain relief by increasing local blood circulation, by helping release of painkillers in brain

Reduction is swelling by muscle contraction followed by relication

Relaxation of tissues

Useful for individuals with Pan Muscles spasm (pain and tightness). Swelling Muscle Strain

Useful for

neck/low back pain, nerve pain of postural origin, acute muscle catch


Modified Galvanic Current In this treatment method the duration of current flow is long and continuous. Used in cases of severe nerve damage.

•It is applied by electrodes attached to stimulator.

•The actual painful sites are to be Identified then the electrodes are placed

It helps by

•Blocking the gate for pain sensation at brain level. 

•Causing release of pain killers in brain.

•Increasing blood circulations Giving massaging effect.

Surged Faradic Current

Shorter duration and intermittent current flow Used in cases of partial nerve damage or nerve compression.

Useful for condition like

All Nerve injuries (like Radial nerve injury of the arm or hand), Muscle weakness (To activate the muscle), Facial nerve injury


There are two varieties cervical (for neck) Lumber (for lower back)


•Passive stretching of muscle helps in relief from pain and spasm

•Helps in improving pliability of muscle.

•Relieves nerve pain arising from postural or  muscular reason


Today in this age of Modern medicine treatment is more of an holistic care with a multi-disciplinary team approach. Keeping that things in mind we have an associated Indoor setup with the objective to provide better patient care covering all aspects of rehabilitation like Physiotherapy. Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy & Psychological Counselling under Dietary Supervision. Patients mainly with physical impairments due to Neurological conditions like Post stroke Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Parkinsonism, Cerebral Palsy. Myopathies, Motor Neuron Disorders, GB Syndrome etc requiring such treatment that is impossible to provide in an homely environment can be highly benefited by this


We are having a team of experienced & expertised professional therapists who are there to advise, manage, guide & meet your very Physiotherapeutic needs as required

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